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Saturday, 16 June 2007
My unicycle is finally here! Howdy Pilgrim!

Ignore the bruises going all the way up my leg.  Some I couldn't take a picture of, but I am walking around like John Wayne and calling people pilgrim .   :}

I am actually having fun learning how to ride this. Balancing from side to side is just as easy as a regular bike, it's just the front and back balancing that is difficult. When the bike rolls ahead of me,  I jump off like Pee Wee Herman and tell eveyone "I meant to do that!"

In the morning I look at the unicycle and say "Goooood Morning.......I'm Heeeeere. "  I hope I never have to visit the basement of The Alamo.

I can't help it, I'm a huge Tim Burton fan. :}




Posted by oziahz at 6:39 PM EDT
Updated: Sunday, 17 June 2007 11:21 AM EDT
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Thursday, 21 December 2006
#6 The Village

My daughter Crystal gave me my Christmas Gift early and it is the Greenleaf 1/4" scale village. I don't have the time to finish it before Christmas, but they seem to fit in with the other 1/4" dollhouses I have.

I have had so many splinters from this kit. The other kits are made of soft basswood that locks together, but this village has to be glued together and is made of very brittle wood. I think it would be easier to use the kit as a template for a foam core village. I have grown attached to this little village so far and I think I will keep it up year round. I have a  long window that would look great with it.

Sometimes I get a kick out of SCI FI movies, and although I plan on having a friendly village. I can't help wanting to turn the village into M. Night Shyamalan movie THE VILLAGE with the forbidden color red, a blind girl, and "the things we do not speak of". Another wild idea that came to mind was to turn it into the Summers Isle village from the recent remake of the movie THE WICKER MAN.

Women Power!!!  :} 




Posted by oziahz at 10:52 AM EST
Updated: Thursday, 21 December 2006 10:58 AM EST
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Wednesday, 6 December 2006
# 21 POIKA!

I am trying to find a place in the U.S. that sells these cute Poika candles from Bandai. The same company that makes Unazukin Dolls.

I wanted to get one for Rain this Christmas, but I'm not having any luck. :{



Posted by oziahz at 2:37 PM EST
Updated: Saturday, 9 December 2006 2:30 PM EST
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Tuesday, 14 November 2006
HItty Girl!

A month ago I  started a new blog and group for wooden penny peg dolls and 1/4" dollhouse miniatures called Pixziez. A friend on the Yahoo group named Laurel introduced me to the HITTY DOLL CRAZE!  What a fun group.

I hope to have Pixziez up in full force after the holidays, hopefully it takes off better than Hot Mitt Monthly.  Wooden Penny peg dolls and 1/4" minis are easy to swap and make. I am keeping my fingers crossed that British Penny Dolls will have the same success as the American Hitty.


Posted by oziahz at 10:42 AM EST
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Tuesday, 31 October 2006

I was so busy at work and with all of the Halloween things that I had to get done I almost didn't get a chance to finish my apron for TIE ONE ON

I wanted the apron to look like the 225.00 Tasha Tudor apron  on the site.

I made Rain model the costume for me so it's a little too big on her.

I'm not sure if I should add a ruffle at the bottom hem, so ignore the pins.


Posted by oziahz at 8:10 PM EST
Updated: Tuesday, 31 October 2006 8:15 PM EST
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Thursday, 12 October 2006

Amy  mentioned on her blog that she feels like Hester Prynne, and Rachael just started a Flickr group for one of her favorite female artists Holly Hobbie

This got me thinking and doing some soul searching, and I think that Tasha Tudor is the artist that seems to inspire me the most. 

I hope to be just like her someday, with beautiful gardens, cooking with my woodburning kitchen stove, basket making, and Yankee living at its best!! :)

* you need a Flickr account to join the group



Posted by oziahz at 2:49 PM EDT
Updated: Thursday, 12 October 2006 2:52 PM EDT
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Have you ever looked at yourself and wondered if maybe some of the things you call clothes are more like costumes?

I wanted a pair of these Dutch shoes ever since I watched the movie Basquiat and they showed a shot of Jean-Michel Basquiat's painted shoes.

Click on the image to buy yourself a pair!


Posted by oziahz at 1:59 PM EDT
Updated: Thursday, 12 October 2006 2:12 PM EDT
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The Fall Miniatures Show

I was able to make it to this years Fall Miniatures show in Belfast. It was sponsored by Jamie's Miniatures ( click the image to read about the store)

We felt like giants surrounded by all of these minis, from vendors of all different states. I had a blast!! The entrance fee included a free miniatures magazine that has HOW TO activities and instructions for Halloween minis.

It was so much fun taking time to go through all of the small details of everything and deciding what to bring home. I brought home mini silverware, a little black sewing machine, a little bread bowl, and some other things that seem to be calling my name. I wanted to punch out this guy in front of his husband because he took the last mini turkey platter that was hand made and painted by an artist. I was looking at it in a setting and he snatched it up. I asked the vendor if she had more mini turkey platters and when she said that she didn't the guy had the nerve to turn to me with a smug little smile and then turned to his husband and shrugged his shoulders as if to say "sucks to be her." 

I had to tell myself, just's only a mini turkey platter.


Posted by oziahz at 1:16 PM EDT
Updated: Thursday, 12 October 2006 1:38 PM EDT
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Wednesday, 27 September 2006

Awhile ago my daughter Rain was reading the first book of THE SISTERHOOD OF THE TRAVELING PANTS and she decided to read it to me. I found it pretty hard to believe that a pair of jeans could make all of the girls so happy.


 I received my Levi's 504 slouch jeans and the wash is so nice, along with the cut and the fact that they are 100% cotton and don't have that yucky stretch in them.  I am so happy with them I feel like I should be sharing them with my friends.  :}


Posted by oziahz at 1:09 PM EDT
Updated: Wednesday, 27 September 2006 3:15 PM EDT
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Friday, 22 September 2006


It is getting a little cooler here and I decided this morning to check out Ebay for some fun handmade wool socks. I came across these under the listing "DOG SOCKS" My first thought was that it might be an error listed under womens apparel. It was no error these socks are made of DOG YARN!!

I searched the net and they have a place that will spin your dogs hair into yarn. I counldn't help looking at my dog Mai ( upper right hand corner) and wondering if she has enough fur for a pair of warm socks.  :}


Posted by oziahz at 9:52 AM EDT
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